I’ve discovered how to create TRUE health using nature’s own resources, while keeping money in my pocket!

Whether through superfoods, healthy foods, weight loss, exercise,  we can build a healthy body. As a Raw Food Chef, I can help you can significantly increase your energy by adding some very nutrient-dense foods to your meals. Food is the best medicine, whether you grow it yourself or buy local produce.  Why pay for pharmaceuticals (often with harmful side-effects), when you can get so many of your nutritional needs met through food? And as a Health Advisor, I can help you find far more efficient and less time consuming ways to stay healthy.

I have a Masters in Health Services and certificates in Geriatric Case Management,, Health Advisor, Life Coaching, Self Awareness Practitioner Level I and am a Certified Massage Therapist.

I’m passionate about my own health and personally use products before selling them on my website.  What progress have I made with my own health? My biggest achievement is gaining control of my weight—no more dieting!  My second biggest achievement is maintaining a biological age (age the body is functioning) of 13  years younger than my chronological age.

One of my goals is to be financially free.  By using natural remedies and "food as medicine" I've been successful at minimizing my out-of-pocket  healthcare expenses. By lusing patient advocate resourches, I've been able to minimize my healthcare costs.  By reducing my trips to the doctor except for diagnostics,  I've really lowered my healthcare expenses.  

They don't call me The Healthy Tightwad for nothing!